TV Talk Show Host Day

Talk show hosts have the gift for gab and always seem to be able to root out those deep, dark secrets! Flip on the television anytime of the day or night and you’ll find your favorite personality yapping, dancing, cooking, and crafting away – and the best part is that these TV friends don’t require any maintenance at all. In light of Talk Show Host Day (yes, there is such a silly thing and it is happening today) and Halloween on the horizon, we are highlighting silly costume antics that a few of our favorite talk show hosts have taken part in.

That crazy crew at The Today Show has long been known for wearing crazy costumes on the set of studio 1A in honor of Halloween. The spectacle all started several year back when the normally business-like Matt Lauer dressed up as Jennifer Lopez in her infamous green print dress with the plunging neckline. Lauer seems to have a thing for going in drag because a few years later he appeared on the show in a long blonde wig, bubble-gum pink and a little purse dog to transform into Paris Hilton.

Lauer is not the only member of The Today Show who likes to dress up in Halloween costumes. In 2008, the cast created a fairytale fete on the plaza with all dressed in a variety of childhood favorite storybook costumes. Matt Lauer was dressed as a giant egg to be Humpty Dumpty and Meredith Viera was almost hard to spot as she morphed into Pinocchio. Ann Curry was princess perfect in a Cinderella costume while Kathy Lee Gifford was a little scarier in a hairy Big, Bad Wolf costume

Last year, the gang went the sci-fi route by dressing up in Star Wars costumes and getting wild in a galaxy far, far away. Meredith wore a Princess Leia costume while Matt was Luke Skywalker. A CP30 portrayal was spot on by Kathy Lee while Hoda wore the Yoda costume! You don’t have to be part of a television entertainment ensemble to dress up in themed group costumes – there are so many great costume ideas, many inspired by our friends on the small screen.