Talk Show Hosts That Irritate

There are different degrees of chat shows. Some of us like one whilst others are preferred by others. It’s human nature I expect. But the formats of chat shows do vary a bit. And so, too, do the presenters or hosts.

Some of them annoy me. I just can’t help it. They are being invited into my living room and they just fill the atmosphere with irritation. Some are a bit cuddly and cheeky whilst others are gross and dislikeable. I do sometimes judge people harshly.

Some hosts are, let’s face it, just plain smarmy. A “better than thou” attitude just doesn’t rock with me and I dislike the approach although I can see the appeal for others. But not in my living room please.

There has been a great change in talk show format over the last 30 years. The main issue several years ago was simply to talk. There was a certain innocence and a certain expectation that had no hidden agenda. That has now changed and the people being interviewed are really just plugging their latest book, film or other thing which gives them publicity. I hate it.

Some chat show hosts suck up to this, presumably to add to the ratings (or, at least, prevent them dropping). That is when they can become a bit smarmy. But at the other end of the scale is the host that is overly aggressive and trying to get one over on their guest. That is an equal sin to the smarm.

Through a series of talk show hosts, both in the UK and the USA, there is one that stands out for his composure and sincerity. Michael Parkinson is somewhat of an idol in the K. He treats his guests with respect whilst, at the same time, avoiding the trap of gratuitous self-publicity for the guests.

That is the type of talk show host I like.