Radio Talk Show – How to Plan Your First Talk Show

Obviously you will want to have already conducted your solo tests, test calls with friends and your first full mock up of, or “Dress Rehearsal”, of an actual show you plan to do. You should do it with a friend playing the part of your guest or if your first guest is up for it, rehearsing with your first guest would be preferable.

But now that you feel you are ready to do your first show, you need to decide if you are going to do all the talking yourself as the expert on a particular subject or if you are going to interview a guest expert on the subject.

If you don’t already know someone personally in your niche that will or has agreed to be interviewed on your talk show, you will need to find that expert.

How To Find And Prep Your Guest Expert

There are numerous ways you can find experts in any particular niche that will agree to be a guest on your talk show. But you don’t necessarily want to start out with the most well know and sought after personality in your niche. Especially if they are making money from speaking engagements or are big enough in the industry to be able to demand payment for an interview. To start out with you want someone that is known or has credentials that make them well thought of by people in your target audience regardless whether they have heard of them or not.

You can start going to forums or going back to forums that cater to your niche market and looking for people that stand out or seem to intelligently answer a lot of question of other forum members.

If you find in their signature file in there forum posts that they are promoting a particular product that has to do with the niche, all the better. They will probably appreciate the chance at the exposure potential of your show, and say yes gladly when you finally ask them for an interview. If they appear to be an authority on a certain subject of your niche, you can Private Message them through the forum with a straight forward request like:

Hello (Their Name),

I am (Your Name), host of the (Name of your talk show), I have been reading your posts here in the forum for a while and really appreciate how knowledgeable you are about (Niche subject), and how well thought out and articulate your posts are.

I would like to interview you on my show in the near future. This could mean some additional exposure for you and (what ever it is they are promoting). If you would be open to an interview, please reply to this PM with just your email address if you would like to firm up a time when we could talk by phone or your contact information and the best time to contact you.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


(Your Name)

It’s that simple. However, you have contacts that know one or more experts in your niche you can always get them to refer you to the person.

You can find people that would be open to doing an interview in forums, blogs, social sites, or even at local businesses and associations using the same basic approach as above.

Discovery Call

You want to actually talk with your potential guest either on the phone or if they are local maybe even in person. You want to keep the discovery call short and not take up a lot of their time. Give them a little bit of your background and maybe why you decided to go into Internet Talk Radio. Get a little bit of their background and how they got so involved in gaining the expertise in the field of your niche audience.

Once you have actually done a discovery call with your first guest to kind of get to know each other, let them know that it is Internet Talk Radio and that they won’t have to come into a studio, they will call into your show from a land line from the comfort of their home or office and most will agree to an interview. Once he/she has agreed to be interviewed be sure you get their email address if you don’t already have it and let them know you will need to do one pre-interview call with them just so they can get an understanding of your show format, some of the questions you would like to ask and to cover anything they have in mind that they would like to promote at the end of the interview.

Also be sure you they agree to the date and time slot to be a guest on your show.

Set a time for your pre-interview call 3 to 4 days before the actual interview. Be sure you have exchanged all the pertinent contact information. Be sure to tell them that if something comes up that may prevent them from appearing on your show on the agreed date to be sure and let you know. Thank them for their time and conclude the call.