Radio Talk Show – How to Manage Up to 250 Participants

As a talk show host you are a dictator. Make no mistake about it. It is your show and it needs to be attended by people that will play by your rules. Now there are cruel dictators and assertive but kind dictators. You want to be the second kind of dictator.

As well, if you foresee a show having a large number of callers, this is when you may want to employee someone else to play producer and control your panel while you attend to your guest and callers questions. Your producer can also play a co-host position by announcing the next caller and their question. With a large number callers, it can be difficult to be both host, producer and policeman.

Laying down the law sounds a little overbearing for this discussion but that is what you need to do to have informative calls that remain on topic.

Personally I include a short note about rules to all those I invite by system invitation email so they have no excuse for not knowing the policies under which my show operates. Basically it is this:

My Talk Show Participation Policy:

o This is a family friendly show. Listeners and guests are expected to conduct themselves accordingly. Foul language will get a participant chat immediately blocked and phone line muted, censored or banned without question.

o Please keep questions and comments by chat or voice on topic or be censored.

o If talking on an open line, please see to it there is no background at your location that will disrupt the call or be censored.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Depending on how controversial your show subject is, you may want to read your basic short policy at the beginning of your show.

You may also want to include that he chat window is not meant to be use for a gab fest. Please only post questions or reply to the host or producer running the show’s control panel.

If you take those precautions and use those measures, you can always control large numbers of callers and chatters by using the question cue. The questions will be in the cue in a descending order based on first to ask is first to be served. If the question is off topic, reply to the person saying so and move on to the next question. It’s that simple.

You can also list your call show policy in your profile. Listed below are some of the ways profiles on TalkShoe are used:

o You can see information about the host of a Community Call which is why posting your call show policy there is a good idea.

o When on a Community Call, Participants can learn more about you and your talk shows. This can also increase social networking.

o TalkShoe, Hosts and Participants of Calls can see what you are interested and can invite you to calls based on the information presented on your profile. This will also allow you to connect with people of your interests.