Radio Talk Show Interview Techniques – What Turns Radio Producers Off and On

In order to be successful at becoming a talk show guest, you have to think like a producer.

First, you need to understand that producers don’t care about your goals, they want to increase ratings and keep their jobs. Also, producers like confident people. Even if your topic is boring, there are more chances to turn a producer on if you talk with passion. Passion is attractive. But it is not everything. Producers want their guests to be interesting and entertaining enough to hold the audience’s attention. They want to entertain and inform viewers, not promote your company. Try to use a language that is appealing to the target audience. Hence, know what audience producers want to target. Since they are usually looking for the right guest to the right audience, you need to fit into their expectations. A good tip here is to ask a producer what kind of show he envisions before you start pitching yourself and your story to them.

Producers also want to know how you sound like before booking you for a show. Your voice is the only mean of communication to the listeners, so it is better be a pleasant voice. If you doubt in your vocal abilities, it might be a good idea to attend vocal training courses before calling producers. If you have a website (which is a good thing to have when promoting your company), make sure you have a good recording (video or audio) of you there ready for producers.

Like all the busy people, producers don’t like to waste their time. So before you call them, make sure to prepare a 30-second sales pitch that will get their attention. Treat this like a preparation for a job interview. While talking to a producer, be succinct and keep to a list of prepared points.

One of the other things that make a guest compelling to a producer is being a great presenter. If you want to have more chances in getting a producer on your side, you need to get professional media training, including watching oneself on air and fine-tuning.