AM Talk Shows

AM talk shows are a trucker’s best friend. They help you keep up to date with opposing perspectives. They work the crowd into a frenzy. They are entertainers of a different breed. They hide behind the micro phone and in hopes that you to call in. If you are disbeliever in what they say then look out. Then you might be their next meal. The one I like most is Neal Boortz. Neal Boortz aka: The Talk master, Mighty Whitey and The High Priest of The Church of the Painful as he is called. He is by far my most favorite. He is libertarian affiliate and he goes on these rants and rages about anything.

A true lawyer who can argue, “off the cuff”, so to speak. He supports the fair tax movement. He wrote a book called The Fair Tax – The Truth. It’s good. He never talks about abortion and he won’t let anyone talk about it. He said it’s one of those topics that will never be settled. I tend to think this is true. He is also a pilot which aggravates his bosses we he fly’s. I’m sure it related to some insurance thing. He stays at his winter home in Florida. Good for him he has worked his whole life to build the wealth he has and he should do whatever pleases him.

One day I hope to meet him and shake his hand. Thank You Neal for your entertainment all these years I have been on the road.Remember all Am Talk Shows are for entertainment only. So kick back, get mad and be glad, your country allows opposing views. As my favorite show host says do not believe me until you do your own research or unless you know it to true already.