Who doesn’t enjoy listening to a talk show on the radio? Time flies when you are busy listening to a radio talk show guest who is entertaining and sharing their knowledge. Radio is still thought to be one of the most dynamic forms of entertainment and communication. Even in the age of the Internet, radio audiences have not declined. The only thing that has changed is that people now tune into Internet radio stations rather than standard radio. Many standard radio stations can also be listened to on the Internet as well as on a radio. New smart phone apps make listening to many radio stations through the phone possible. So even with the development of new technology people continue to tune in to the radio for news, entertainment and information. In fact, with the many Internet radio stations now online there are more guest appearance opportunities than ever.

A radio talk show provides many wonderful opportunities for you to promote a product or service, an idea or even an ideology. You can also appear on shows all over the country without ever leaving home. Radio interviews are very often done over the phone.

There are just a few simple tips that you should keep in mind if you want to make your radio appearance a memorable one.

You as a Radio Talk Show Guest

Preparing to be a radio talk show guest may seem stressful, particularly if it’s your first time on the air. However, it can be very exciting as well. It is perfectly normal to be nervous but you can get over the jitters in no time if you do the necessary preparation before you go on the air. First, you should provide plenty of information about yourself and what you intend to discuss to the radio talk show host. Give them a short bio that describes your lifework and any other pertinent information.

Things to remember as a radio talk show guest

As a radio talk show guest it is important to prepare a brief introductory statement, and provide the radio host with questions that you want to be asked, well in advance. Do not allow anxiety, or “radio fright”, to get the best of you or your show will not go over well. Be confident and exude an air of authority in what you have to say. Always remember to talk slowly and clearly so listeners can follow and understand what you say.

You Are An Effective Radio Talk Show Guest If…

You are an effective radio talk show guest if you have served the purpose of the radio show by providing helpful information and entertaining the listeners. You could become a well-respected guest who is sought-after by radio hosts, if you spice up your talk show with humorous anecdotes and examples. Be natural and spontaneous and put the audience’s interests first.

Being a radio talk show guest is fun and a great way to overcome fear of public speaking while honing your public speaking skills. Landing radio interviews is also a great way to get the word out about the other products and services you have to offer. In a relatively short interview you can reach thousands of listeners.